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Everybody thinks it’s great when people say nice things about them, so here’s a selection of some of the cool things people have said about Y-SMART and our wonderful website!!

I would like to say a big thank you for helping us to get our son back on the right pathway, before things had gone too far. Not only in terms of not getting more involved with drink/drugs, but also how the worker made our son look at himself and see his own strengths and weaknesses, as well as accepting his own responsibilities. Since Y-SMART’s involvement, our son has genuinely turned his life around. (February, 2012)

… the staff said the training was really excellent and the best they had been to in years, so we would definitely like further training for our new staff… (March, 2012)

We love your recovery resources. We wanted to say thank you for your links page, all the way from California! My Girl Scouts found your resources to be so helpful while they are working on earning their "Girl Scouts Fighting Drug Abuse" patch! (February, 2013)

I am with a high school club in the USA. I hope I'm not bothering you, but I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick thank you note for providing the resources on your links page. It is great to find sites that I actually find helpful! (August, 2013)

We regularly receive 'evaluation' forms from parents and young people when our work with them comes to an end. We'd like to share a small selection of comments with you...

...about Y-SMART:

  • "Y-SMART is a great way to help people and open their eyes to what can happen if you don’t remain in control"                     
  • "I think Y-SMART is good for kids who have a worse problem coping because, as a well as getting help, you get a friend"      
  • "I have stopped using cannabis, I have a job and I’m going back to college"                                                                          
  • "An excellent service; so helpful for parents as well, very supportive helpful and kind, brilliant"                                               
  • "Y-Smart is a great help for knowledge on your own substance use, but also great on keeping your substances use on track due to chats and communication you have with your worker"                                                                                        
  • "Reduced my drug/cannabis use to an acceptable level for me, I seem to have more control over it"                                       
  • "I have grown up, I don’t resort to drink or drug substance. I try my hardest to stay out of trouble"

 ...and now about Y-Project:

  • “I learnt about alcohol and what it is and can do. I understand it better in terms of mum. I gained confidence in speaking to and meeting new people. I now speak to mum more and understand about alcohol. I now feel able to use the support around me and feel able to speak to people about how I’m feeling. Really enjoyed the Y-Project days”
  • “I felt very un-judged in my parenting and comfortable talking to our worker”
  • “I thought our worker was professional, meetings held on time, assisted my daughter and helped her enormously”