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Oct 27, 2016

Halloween - Don't Be Tricked


Don’t be tricked this Halloween…




Halloween can be a lot of fun but it is also a night when there are a lot of drugs ‘flying around’. 


For drug dealers Halloween is one of the best nights of the year as young people are more likely to try something new to get a new feeling or buzz.     


Legal Highs in particular may be readily available.   There may be new ones around especially for Halloween.   Do not be tricked.  .. 


On the 26th May 2016 a new law came into force.  It is called the Psychoactive Substance Act in 2016.  It means the following…. 


1.  Do not be tricked.  .. 


It is a crime to supply (pass on) any psychoactive substance (anything that affects your mental or emotional state, except alcohol (see number 6)  


2. Do not be tricked.  .. 


It is now illegal to supply so called Legal Highs.  This includes passing it free to your mates or being paid for it.   If caught this could get you up to 7 years in prison! 


3.Do not be tricked.  .. 


The new law also includes the supply of Nitrous Oxide(NOS)      


4.  Do not be tricked.  .. 


If you are going to take the risk and take so called legal highs then don’t be tricked into thinking you will have a good time.  


5.  Do not be tricked.  .. 


If you are going to try a new legal high or any new drug this Halloween then the best thing to do is to start with a small amount to see how it affects you.   Your mate may have had a good reaction to it but it doesn’t mean you will.  


6.  Do not be tricked.  .. 


Alcohol isn’t affected by the Psychoactive Substance Act 2016 but remember it is illegal to buy alcohol when under 18.  The recommended amount for drinking alcohol has been lowered to just 14 units per week for men and women.  Do  not be tricked this is for adults only.  It is not recommended for under 18s to drink any alcohol as your body is still developing. If you are drinking try not to mix it with taking any other drugs, including those prescribed to you or other people, as this will have a worse affect for you. Alcohol is a depressant but and it can become dangerous when mixed with other depressants or different types of drugs.   


7.  Do not be tricked.  .. 


Be aware if you are taking hallucinogenic substances such cannabis, some legal highs or LSD.  These and others can trick your mind into thinking things are there when they’re not.  They enhance you’re senses.   All the scary costumes and decorations will be more intense which could lead to a frightening experience for you.  Once you start a trip you cannot stop it! 


You may have flashbacks for a long time afterwards and you never know when they may happen.   


Have fun this Halloween but remember to stay safe and look after yourself!



Its also Burns Awareness week.  Be careful around bonfires and firework displays.