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Oct 31, 2016

Bonfire Night Top Tips

Top Ten Tips for Bonfire Night

1. Attend an organised event and avoid drinking alcohol.  If you are going to drink then do not handle fireworks.  If you are drinking on firework night then you are less likely to know what you are doing. When drunk you loose you’re inhibitions and are more likely to do things you wouldn’t normally do and think it will turn out ok. Mates may dare you to set off some fireworks.  Don’t do it!   Fireworks are extremely dangerous and trying to set one off especially when drunk or sober can have terrible consequences to yourself and others.

2.  When drinking you may be tempted or dared to do other things you wouldn’t normally do. This may be things like climbing buildings or setting fire to buildings.  Be aware this is extremely dangerous and you could cause massive injury or even death to yourself or others.   Alcohol is also flammable which means it catches fire easily.

3  Do not smoke around fireworks as you could accidently set them off and cause injury to yourself or others.  

4.  If you are going to drink then decide on the amount that you are going to drink beforehand and avoid going over that amount.

5.  Avoid taking other drugs and drinking alcohol as this can have a bad affect on you. Try to steer clear of drugs such as legal highs, MDMA, Cocaine, LSD  These all work on enhancing your senses.  With the fireworks going off this could be a scary experience for you.

6.  If you are going to drink or take substances then maybe have a mate in the group who isn’t going to who can ensure you get home ok.  

7.  Make sure you know how you are going to get home.

8.  Space out your drinking by maybe having some soft drinks in between.

9.  Don't play drinking games.  It is hard to determine what or how much you end up drinking.  Keep your wits about you.

 10.  Have a number in your phone under ICE - In case of an Emergency… This number can be used to phone someone at home in case of an emergency.